This luminaire takes performance and control technology to a new level, whilst leveraging the industry leading reliability of the Lumascape inground platform.The dimmable, single

The dimmable, single colour luminaire can be controlled via Lumascape’s innovative PowerSync™technology which allows for highly granular DMX / RDM control via a growing list of standard industry protocols and allows 2000 Hz flicker free dimming to 0.1%. Using PowerSync™, power and data run in the same, single luminaire cable making installation clean and simple.In

In addition, this luminaire incorporates industry leading EasyGlow™ visual comfort technology, which dramatically reduces the perception of glare. Furthermore, CoolDrive™ active thermal management engages as internal temperatures increase to keep light output consistent, and only under extreme conditions will the luminaire take control and dim the output gradually and smoothly. These technological advancements ensure the best in class performance of the LS3080 continues throughout its working life


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