Guangzhou Opera House


Like pebbles in a stream smoothed by erosion, the Guangzhou Opera House sits in perfect harmony with its riverside location. The Opera House is at the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural development.

Its unique twin-boulder design enhances the city by opening it to the Pearl River, unifying the adjacent cultural buildings with the towers of international finance in Guangzhou’s Zhujiang new town.

The 1,800-seat auditorium of the Opera House houses the very latest acoustic technology, and the smaller 400-seat multifunction hall is designed for performance art, opera and concerts in the round. The design evolved from the concepts of a natural landscape and the fascinating interplay between architecture and nature; engaging with the principles of erosion, geology and topography.

The Guangzhou Opera House design has been particularly influenced by river valleys – and the way in which they are transformed by erosion. Fold lines in this landscape define territories and zones within the Opera House, cutting dramatic interior and exterior canyons for circulation, lobbies and cafes, and allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the building.

Smooth transitions between disparate elements and different levels continue this landscape analogy. Custom moulded glass-fibre reinforced gypsum (GFRC) units have been used for the interior of the auditorium to continue the architectural language of fluidity and seamlessness.

Within this unique project, Reggiani lighting fixtures have been carefully positioned in the transit areas outside the building with functional lighting purposes (Cyl Light and Metamorphosi) and inside the eaves that surround the twin-boulder buildings, which connect vertically outdoor areas from the underground ones, to illuminate the facades (United and IperIos).

The Theatre Royal

Glasgow, UK

A total transformation of the Theatre Royal in Glasgow has taken place with the help of our Mosaico range of luminaires. As well as ensuring that the energy-saving lighting solution complemented the new scheme, the brief was also to ensure that the new lighting succeeded in showcasing the architectural design of the venue whilst also affording the necessary flexibility for its varied usage.

The Theatre Royal originally opened in 1867. It is the oldest theatre in Glasgow and the longest running in Scotland. Owned by The Scottish Opera since 1974, the theatre is used for operatics; ballet performances; pantomimes and a variety of theatrical productions.

The recent, consortium-funded multi-million pound refurbishment has seen the addition of many new facilities. These include a landmark entrance hall; spacious foyer; the new Vanilla Black café; improved bar areas and toilets along with a modern box office with additional terminals. A brand new viewing gallery has also been constructed to offer a unique view of the auditorium and the addition of a roof terrace provides a stunning vista across the city.

We were specified by Max Fordham and Partners in their capacity as M&E Consultants with responsibility for the lighting design. We worked closely to ensure not only a sustainable lighting solution of energy-efficient LEDs and Metal Halide fixtures but also one that would set off the new architectural concept to maximum advantage.

Our twin light source Mosaico recessed luminaires were installed in the theatre roof terrace area. These fixtures use a mixture of 70W CDM-T G12 lamps with an 88 degree beam angle and 35W CDM-T G12 lamps with a 74 degree beam angle. The fitting itself is finished in black and completed with a non-standard, rich gold reflector which serves to lower the colour temperature of the light output and exude the atmosphere and warmth the scheme designers were seeking.

For the new foyer and atrium exit points, black finish Mosaico fittings with 14W LEDs were used and for individual balcony spotlight areas, single Mosaico 14W LED Easy IOS. The IOS system combines a full range of beam widths and the ability to change optical configuration with class-leading efficiency.

The Mosaico is available in single or multiple in-line or square configurations with one to four light sources that allow for individual adjustment to achieve the desired lighting effect. Each of the separate light bodies can offer different beams and colours to give both the designer and user a varied and more interesting expression of illumination.


We are open-minded, accessible and globally connected. We support our clients at every step of their project journey.

Today REGGIANI is an international benchmark for the lighting sector, highly regarded for its ability to simplify complex technologies, making them easy to use, enhancing the livability of our environs illuminating them in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Reggiani currently has its headquarters in Italy, with a subsidiary or agency in USA, UK, China, France and Russia, covering a total area of 110,000 m² dedicated to production, offices, showrooms and warehouses.

Many of REGGIANI’s technological innovations have become international standards:

1970s: Low Voltage, the first luminaire ran, e for low voltage halogen lamps with dichroic reflectors in Europe

1980s: Downspot, the first totally extractable, fully adjustable recessed luminaires that would set a new market standard

1990s: the forward-thinking use of innovative, low-energy light sources and the fixing system designed for quick and easy installation;

2005: the year of the IOS (Interchangeable Optical System), the first highly efficient, practical interchangeable optical system

2009: development of the Reggiani LED Luce system. For the first time in history, lighting in a megastore was provided exclusively with LED light sources – and the designers chose Reggiani LED Luce

Today: REGGIANI is a pioneer in the evolution of LED technology thanks to its exceptional RE LED Luce system

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